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What is yousay
yousay is a promotional technique recommended for use in the recent white paper, "In Place of Price" which was published in May 2011. Copies of this paper can be bought from the Institute of Promotional Marketing ( www.ipm.org.uk) for more information.

With traditional promotions, bogof, 3 for 2, 3 for £4 etc, you have a number of critical issues.
  • Evaluating the quantity of stock is a difficult issue to get right and can be extremely costly if calculated incorrectly.
  • There is a huge cost to the manufacturer to carry out the promotion with the retailers.
  • If there is no stock on the shelf, your consumer will be disappointed and this could drive them to purchase a competitors product.
  • With these promotions, you learn nothing about your shopper. Critically you do not know if they are new buyers of your product, whether they are loyal shoppers or if they would buy the product again.
Planning Promotions
We work hand in hand with Brands and Agencies to plan your promotional campaign using the yousay technique. We discuss and implement the right promotional campaign for you and give you realistic lead times for each step of the process. Field agencies are briefed on what is expected from them and what information we require from them. We work with your marketing team to ensure branding and design work fits with your company profile and we also help structure the questions you wish to ask your customers.

About Us
yousay is part of Abstract Niche Ltd, a feedback and insights specialist with systems and processes for use on and off-line.

Communication is an essential part of all spheres in business. We enable clients from all business types to engage with their customers and investigate their likes, dislikes, preferences, non preferences, where they like to shop, which shops they shop in etc thus helping to build a complete customer and shopper profile.

Data Analysis
Data analysis is a key factor in determining sales pre-promotion, during and post-promotion. We use Profitscheck an analysis process from Storecheck, another IPM partner.

If you would like further information on any aspect of yousay please call 01753 725749 or email us at: feedback@yousay.org

yousay News

On 29th June 2011 the IPM held a seminar entitled, "In Place Of Price" presenting research from their white paper of the same name published in May.

The interactive seminar featured keynote speakers from King of Shaves, KPMG, Storecheck Marketing, The IPM, Simon Kucher & Partners and The University of Westminster. Questions arising from the seminar are being discussed on the IPM Insights Linked In Page (click to visit).

yousay News

If you missed the seminar, the white paper, "In Place Of Price," is available from the Institute of Promotional Marketing for £195.

As an IPM Insights Research Partner we have a number of free copies available. Please contact us to request one.

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