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You want the most flexible technique on the market?

Customers want to be heard, and brands, and retailers need to listen.

Yousay makes it easy to reward customers and shoppers for their opinions, and is an incredibly flexible, and cost effective way to collect them

Simple labels, pack flashes, e-mail, print and PR offer the chance to get opinions and reward purchase. Uses are limited only by your imagination. Proofs of purchase can be from specially printed codes, or a random selection of characters selected from a pack.

Customers can give, and marketers get, feedback on computers, tablets and smartphones, all benchmarked for you against industry standard measures (and any questions you need answers to).

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Consumers and shoppers pick up, open, and read because of the reward. Even if they choose not to take it, the added impact is still there. 

When you are planning for the future, don’t ignore your shoppers – they know better than you.

When you launch something new add yousay and discover immediately your future opportunity

Uplift from putting an offer on pack in the first place

of them may well say they are so pleased they would tell a friend - a sure sign of success.

of the claimants will never have bought before, and will want you to keep in touch.

The U&A knowledge gap you fill for free on top of the sales you gain

Media rewards offer an excellent reason for buying on the next visit, and helps to focus attention on the message. 


On pack rewards reach the people that are intrigued, and buy for the product value rather than merely shopping from the discount aisle. They are exactly the people you want to hear from, and need to keep close, and happy.

The simple process of getting information in this way typically gives 15-35% sales uplift, with less than 8% redemptions.

E-mail rewards draw the reader into the text. Media rewards offer an excellent reason for buying on the next visit, and helps to focus attention.

Yousay, it’s a Multi-Level Win for customers, marketers, researchers and retailers.